Stereoscope: The 3D Magazine
"Stereoscope" is an illustrated publication consisting of a series of artworks that may be viewed in 3D with the pair of anaglyph glasses provided.
The theme for the first issue of Stereoscope, is called “melomaniac.” This refers to a person with an abnormal fondness of music
To fit the theme of the magazine, the artwork highlights a variety of illustrated musicians, artists and inspirations with appropriate song lyrics per spread. The magazine acts as visual expression of how certain songs or artists inspire various thoughts or ideas.

(Images best viewed with a pair of 3D anaglyph glasses)

The Vega School: 2019 Showcase
Each year, students are given the opportunity to display their work at the annual Vega Showcase held at each campus nationally. 
The purpose of Showcase is for students to attract potential employment and internship opportunities and to gain acclamation and merit for their creative endeavours. 
Lastly, the event itself acts as a conclusion to the creative degree, bringing the academic year to a close, thus allowing students to pursue their dreams in the creative industry.
The concept for my exhibition is a “3D Anaglyph Experiment.” 
The concept relates to being experimental in terms of the materials and media used, whilst creating a bold and immersive visual experience – much like a science experiment in a laboratory. 
This experiment enveloped a multi-sensory experience by using mixed media (digital art and a spray-painted mural - sight; a speaker playing music - sound; some fun stickers and colourful gumballs as a takeaway - touch, taste and smell).  
Below, featured at my stand at Showcase: my print and digital portfolios, spray-painted signage, personal branding collateral (business cards, stickers and CV's), and the Stereoscope magazine.  
Thank you for viewing!
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