The Breast Express, a conceptual pop-up café, is the brainchild of a pretty cool non-profit organisation called Milk Matters, who promote breast milk donations in aid of babies and mommies who need it most. There are many mothers who aren’t able to feed their little ones with their own milk due to things like; diseases, certain medications and other complications. Milk formula does not give nearly the same incredible benefits that help to combat disease and allow the baby to grow to their full potential.

The Breast Express serves as a donation centre where moms can drop off excess milk, frozen in clean jars, or express milk on site over a cup of coffee where trained sisters will walk you through the process. After milk is screened and tested it will make its way to clinics and depots. Mothers can feel proud at the fact that their milk will help other babies get the best nourishment possible. The Breast Express also serves as a great place to hang out with your fellow breastfeeding friends and an even better place to make some new mommy friends, and together you can contribute to a really incredible cause and give someone’s little one the start to life that they deserve.

Some mothers will not have the experience of breastfeeding their child due to disease, medication, or other complications, and sadly their little ones will not reap the benefits that come from the magic of breast milk - but there is something you can do about this.

By donating your excess breast milk to The Breast Express, you will be helping a community of sisters who all want the best for their little ones, and you will play a vital part in their development and quality of life. Let’s spread the magic of milk and create a community of new mothers and powerful women who care enough to share, from one mother to another.

Sisters help sisters. Some of your fellow new mommies will not share in the remarkable experience of breastfeeding their babies, but with your help they can still give their new loves all the goodness of real breast milk- keeping them healthy and strong. Share this life-giving liquid and you could help a sister in need, from one mother to another.

Thank you! 
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